Graphic Design

Art Prints

Dancer Series: An homage to a past career, which at times feels like a lifetime ago. Each of these prints comes with a poem written by me, a way for me to express in words my feelings when dancing.

This series titled “Human” are a play off of the “Dancer Series” to create something more relatable, but still a subject I feel strongly about. The inspiration came from International Women’s Day, and started by my desire to celebrate and showcase women in all their strength, beauty, and vulnerability. Like the Dancer prints, these each come with a poem written by me.

These prints were specifically designed for fellow dancers from the Sacramento Ballet.

Inspired by mid-century modern shapes and lifestyle, these prints are super fun. I loved creating them as this time period is my absolute favorite. The art, fashion, colors, music, architecture… all are very inspirational to me.

These mid-mod print designs are limited editions and only 25 total get printed of each before they are retired. Each are numbered 1-25 and signed by me. If interested in any of these designs, please email me through this website.

Graphic Design Work

This was a new logo designed for a full redesign of the brand in 2018.

These labels were a part of the redesign for New Helvetia Brewing Co. and the first real push for getting the brand out into the local market in cans.

Posters and promotional illustrations for Capital Dance Project.

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