Karina is an artist above all else. She spent her life training to become a professional ballerina, and had an eight year career dancing all over the country. After retiring in 2015, she still felt the need for a creative outlet, and found painting. Karina loves being able to express herself through movement and color on a canvas, and her dance background translates well to this art form. She went back to school for graphic design in 2016, and every once in a while works as a freelance graphic designer on the side. In 2020 Karina and her husband found out they were pregnant, and made the big decision to move from Sacramento, CA to Marquette, MI. Now using Marquette as a home base she is able to bring her work to the Midwest art circuit. She loves the ability to get outside at a moments notice with her baby girl and dog, all in between work sessions. Now an adjunct professor of dance at Northern Michigan University in the Theatre & Dance Department, Karina continues to keep dance as a major part of her life. Stay up to date on all upcoming art shows, current projects, and ongoing projects by following Karina on Instagram or Facebook.

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