framing your yupo

Your original Yupo painting is waiting for the perfect frame. Where do you start?

These instructions are for my acrylic paintings on synthetic (Yupo) paper, made of extruded polypropylene. The painting has been attached in the four corners to the foam core board using double-sided sticky tape. This is for display purposes only. A strong bond results from the tape on the board, sticking to the back of the painting. For removal of the painting from the board, use a dull object like a butter knife and slip between the board and painting, or use your hand and lift the corner without creasing the paper. Sometimes a layer of the foam core will stay attached with the tape; to help remove the paper and tape from the back of the painting, I use Windex or something similar.

There are two options for framing: behind glass or acrylic, or without. Behind glass will protect the painting better, but without you can really see the texture of the piece. It is a personal preference. You can take your new original piece to any local framer to frame behind glass.

If you decide you want to frame the piece without glass, it will need to be permanently mounted to Gator board, masonite, or other surface using a cold press system (no heat higher than 150 degrees) as the paper is plastic. This will keep the painting lying flat. Some framers do this process, but you can also take it to any local graphics printing company in your town. They will sometimes also do framing, but if not you might have to then take your mounted art to a separate framer. It’s a little extra work, but if you love seeing the texture of the piece, then the result is worth it. If you are trying to mount or frame yourself, do not use spray adhesive, it expands the paper.

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